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Virtualization Realized:

Many organizations have embraced the concept of virtualization, only to encounter the myriad of complexities inherent in managing a virtual environment. At IT Solutions for Business we not only ease the transition to virtualization, but our expertise extends well beyond the application layer, enabling us to optimize the way you manage — and maximize — your entire environment.

Through careful assessment and evaluation, we make sure we understand how your current virtualization investments impact your people, processes and systems. Leveraging this insight, we’ll help you make the right decisions about where and how to virtualize so that you see the greatest return from your investment, across the enterprise — from the desktop to the network. We’ll build the proper framework to support your virtualization and consolidation initiatives. What’s more, we’ll help you develop and enact the processes, tools and procedures that promote the long-term success of your virtualization strategy.

In short, we make the promise of virtualization a business reality.


We offer a full range of virtualisation services from planning, design and installation for virtualised IT environments for server and desktop with advice and on-going support. Here’s how we help

Our Virtualisation services

Virtualisation is now a well-proven technology, whether it be server consolidation, achieving business continuity through high availability, or supporting mobility through remote desktops (VDI, RDP etc). The benefits are well understood.

We have significant experience in the planning, design, implementation and support of virtualised environments using solutions, such as Citrix, VMWare, and we specialise in Microsoft Hyper-V technology. As well as delivering complete Virtualisation projects, we can also work alongside your in-house IT team to complement your skills, experience and provide additional resources and manpower.

Server Virtualisation

We can assist in projects to realise any or all of the following server virtualisation benefits:

Increased resilience

Servers can be restored in a matter of minutes, dramatically reducing downtime and improving your disaster recovery capability.

Increased capacity for growth

A virtualised server environment is highly scalable.

Reduced capital expenditure

The requirement for hardware is lower so less expenditure on physical servers is needed.

Reduced maintenance costs

A lower physical server count reduces ongoing maintenance and upgrade costs.

High availability and rapid deployment

New servers can be created from templates, and minimal downtime is required for upgrades. Virtual servers can be moved from one physical resource to another too.

Increased hardware utilisation

Pools of computing power can be shared between virtual servers, drawing more or less power as the load varies, meaning that your hardware resource is fully utilised.

Reduced energy costs and greener IT

A lower physical server count means reduced power consumption (so you save on energy costs), and a lower carbon footprint.

Increased flexibility

Being able to adapt quickly and take better advantage of hardware means that your business can be much more dynamic with ICT resources.

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